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About us

As a partner to the automotive industry, the KKN Ingenieurbüro has many years of experience in vehicle development.


From the idea, to the design implementation, exterior and interior beam, to the design, our team and its partners offer solutions that meet the requirements of the highest quality with optimal development costs.


KKN is available in four locations with over 65 employees in flexible and experienced teams to solve your technical challenges.


As a partner to the automotive industry, we are open to transparency with regard to our customers and customers.


As a development partner in one of the earliest phases of the product creation process, we regard responsibility for quality & design as our highest duty, with the aim of ensuring the optimal re-usability of the surface models in the further development process.

The team

The interaction with each other
- in a team - and personal commitment are the prerequisite for outstanding quality and performance.


Where we stand today, we owe first and foremost the enthusiasm, creativity and professional competence of our employees.


The advantage that we have through highly qualified and specially trained employees at the location in Germany is passed on to our customers through efficient, tailor-made solutions.

Gottfried Keller

"Wir bleiben nicht gut, wenn wir nicht

                   immer besser zu werden trachten."

"We do not stay well if we do not

                   getting better and better."

KKN Ingenieurbuero


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